A downloadable game

A simple city builder made with Unity for a game jam. For Windows only.

Buildings must be placed next to roads.

Commercial buildings must be within 2 squares of a residential building.

Placing a courthouse or hospital adds an extra road to the queue.

Placing a utility building adds 2 roads to the queue.

Scroll wheel rotates the buildings.

Q and E rotates the camera around the city.

You can click a building in the queue to skip to it.


SimplifiedCity.zip 14 MB


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looks nice :) i'm building a game that feels somewhat similar to this really.

I'm currently making a city-builder puzzle game. like simcity but then as a puzzle. Since your experience i would love to get your feedback on my project so far maybe you have great insides on what is missing or (not)fun!

Sadly i don't have windows since i would love to see what you have done!


Can you include the windows tag? I downloaded it for mac all excited and was kinda disappointed.


I'm very sorry! I didn't actually expect anyone to download this, much less download it so long after I made it. The guidelines for the tags said to not put the platform as a tag, so I mentioned it was Windows only at the top of the description.

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You can the download with a specific OS:

Would you be interested in sending me the raw unity source? I might be able to compile a macOS version.